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  1. Judy Spitler Says:

    Our timid terrier Winks just spent over a week with Laurrette and Jack and loved it. Within two days he was no longer glued to Laurrette and was actually playing with other puppies (very unusual for him) and exploring all over. I am SOOO glad we didn’t go the kennel route with him.
    Spitler and Tobin family

  2. H Bell Says:

    Laurette is a treasure. I know she is good because my dog, who only goes there occassionally, remembers her house and starts to jump around the car in excitement when we pull up. He runs full speed to her front door and starts whining to get in!.. Now that does not happen if the care is not excellent. Also, I know she held and played with him because she knew about his habit of “fixing her hair” and I hadn’t told her. She takes very careful and loving care of her charges.
    I’m a worrier, but I never worry about Desi when he is with Laurette!! So so glad I found her!

  3. Marty and Rebecca Says:

    Our “Buddy” gets so excited the minute we say he is going to see Laurrette and play with Jack! He is alreaady barking when we drive by the school around the corner. He comes home very very happy and very tired (and that is a great thing) We appreciates all the great care Laurrette gives! We never worry when Buddy is in her care! Thanks always Laurrette and Jack for opening your home to our Buddy 🙂

  4. Tripp Family Says:

    Our Jack Russell Abbey just loves going to Laurrette’s. She is great with her and we never worry when we go away and Abbey stays over. We are very lucky we found her.

  5. Nina Ponterio Says:

    Our doggie Trevor loves Laurette. We went away for 10 days when we first adopted him and she sent me pictures and updates often which really help soothe many of my fears of leving our new doggie with her. She was so kind and patient with him that we will not use anyone else from now on, great job Laurette. You too Jack….

  6. Rich & Joan Says:

    We love taking our dog Artie to Laurrette & Jack’s house. You know you are leaving your dog at a good place when you drive up and his tail is wagging and he runs up to the front door with plenty of excitement. Laurrette is so good about making sure whatever Artie does at home he is able to do at Pup’s 2nd Home which includes not only sleeping on the bed but UNDER the covers just like dachshund’s do. HIGLY RECOMMENDED.

  7. Chad Says:

    Laurrette and Jack provide exceptional care and a great environment for dogs. We know our dog gets lots of attention and gets to play all day when we leave her with Laurrette. We are very lucky to have found Laurrette and we wouldn’t trust our dog with anyone else besides Pups 2nd Home.

  8. Gwen Marks Says:

    Laurrette’s is like a school for Mitzie, my little companion of Jack Russell and poodle mix. She comes home showing something new in her personality each time. After the last stay she would “dance” for a treat. (Laurrette doesn’t teach the dogs any tricks; they learn from each other.) Pup’s 2nd Home is a safe, secure, and happy place for Mitzie. Laurrette spoils her and she loves it!

  9. Cindy and Happy Says:

    Laurette and Jack provide exceptional care. Both are trustworthy and dependable. Happy is a rescue dog. I credit Laurette for Happy’s training d/t my long working hours. Happy couldn’t be happier. Happy woofs, ” Thank you for your love, much patience and treats.”

  10. Hutchings Family Says:

    Paddy loves going to visit Laurette and Jack. I know that Laurette takes very good care of him. Paddy is a lap dog, and loves to cozy up with Laurette. He also enjoys the company of other dogs that are compatible with him (when Bella is there, Paddy is in heaven!).

    Thanks Laurette and Jack for providing a 2nd home for Paddy when we are away!

  11. The vH Platerink family Says:

    Maddy loves going to Pup’s 2nd Home. She loves playing with Jack and the other dogs, and it is obvious she is happy to see Laurrette too! She bounces out of the car when we park in front of Laurrette’s. She plays the entire time we are away and sleeps a day or two when we get back giving me time to unpack. I know she is well cared for while we are away and happy which gives me great piece of mind. Thanks for everything Laurette and Jack!

  12. Caroline & Michael Says:

    Our little girl had such a blast staying with Laurette, and we were able to relax on vacation knowing she was in great hands. Laurette knows each dog inside and out, and gives each one personal attention and care. She’s flexible, accommodating and — best of all — she loves, loves, loves the pups.

    Ella is anxious to visit Laurette, Jack and all her friends again soon!

  13. Caren & Les Says:

    I really did not think that Buster (my 10-year old Jack Russel Terrier) would be able to handle being away from home; he has fairly severe separation anxiety. But, Laurette’s quickly became his 2nd home. It didn’t take very long to get to the point where the normal panic we saw when we are getting ready to go out, turned to excitement when we said “You’re going to Laurrette’s”. I don’t know what we’d do without Laurrette!

  14. Mollie and Maggie Cohen Says:

    We LOVE Laurrette! Our tails wag whenever we see her. And she’s always happy and plays with us. We sure are happy our owners found Laurrette!

    ARF! ARF!

  15. Kanjilal Family Says:

    Our puppy Biscuit LOVES Laurrette! He gets so excited when we turn to Laurrette’s street. He has a lot of fun and exercise with all the other dogs when he’s with Laurrette. We feel happy and worry free when we leave him at Laurrette’s as we know he is getting enough attention and playtime. Laurrette is very flexible with time. I have called her when we’ve had family emergency and she readily offered to keep Biscuit and I could drop him off immediately. We are very lucky to have Laurrette take care of Biscuit because we know he is in a safe, fun and loving environment.

  16. Feldman Family Says:

    Laurrette and Jack are truly Higgins’ 2nd home. We are so lucky to have a place where we can confidently bring Higgins to for when we are not available. Higgins is always excited when we round the corner to drop him off. He comes back home to us happy and worn out from the fun he had at Pup’s 2nd Home.

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